Other Fields

Generative Art Series

Other Fields explores deeply the idea of noise, a tool used often in games, movies, and generative art. A system was created to combine multiple flow fields with an element of chance. I was amazed by the range of output this algorithm created and let it run for a while. Over five thousand images were generated, curating to the best 10 was quite a lengthy task.

Technical Details

I started creative coding almost ten years ago with Processing. Though it's still the best way to get started, Processing presented some challenges to my workflow. Recently I made the switch to using Python as an artist tool. The immediate feedback I can get in Python helps me stay in flow much more than waiting for a Processing sketch to compile. I'm always looking for ways to make creative coding feel more like music than programming, and this is the closest I've gotten while working in a code-based medium.

Jumping from Processing to Python meant I lost many of the useful creative tools I'd relied on. Since then, I've been iteratively developing a custom library and set of tools for Python, allowing for high-resolution 2D graphics. The library uses Cairo for rendering and is heavily inspired by thi.ng. I've found that the open-ended nature of Python allows me to develop the library without breaking my flow as I create new art pieces.